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About Jabra/GN Netcom

GN Netcom is part of GN Great Nordic, a Danish-based technology group founded in 1869. GN Netcom was founded in 1987 as a spin-off from GN Danavox (the current GN ReSound) and is among the leading and fastest growing suppliers of hands-free communications solutions.


Since its first headset product, the Stetomike, GN Netcom has been continuously developing and marketing new headset solutions based on its leading-edge technology. Some landmarks in GN Netcom's history have been the introduction of the first noise-canceling microphone, the first multi-purpose amplifier, the first single-cord binaural headset, and the first headset with a built-in amplifier, to mention a few. In 2000, GN Netcom launched the world's first commercially available headset using the Bluetooth® wireless technology.


From its start in the contact center market, GN Netcom has expanded its focus and product range to include hands-free solutions for the office and mobile and PC audio markets. GN Netcom's ability to target these newer markets has been further strengthened through an acquisition in 2000. In August 2000, GN Netcom acquired JABRA Corporation of San Diego, California, a leading manufacturer of headset solutions for mobile phones.


With its world headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, GN Netcom operates in three regions: the Americas, with headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire; Europe, Middle East and Africa with headquarters in Copenhagen; and Asia-Pacific with headquarters in Hong Kong. GN Netcom’s research and development is based in Copenhagen; production facilities in China; and sales offices in 15 countries. GN Netcom employs almost 1,000 employees worldwide.

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"I love my headset AND your Customer Service. You are second to none."

Sherie Akerley
Joseph F Campbell Dpm
Fort Myers, FL

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"I love everything about this company."

Claudia Keckler
A Place For Mom
San Antonio, TX

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"Received excellent headset service! I can always count on getting a real person to talk to."

Amy Chase
Benton Parker Inc.
Gainesville, GA

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"You have an exceptional group of people best customer service exceeds my expectations!"

Eileen Hallock
Oberon Design
Petaluma, CA

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Always friendly and happy to help with whatever I need. Love ordering from you guys!

Alaina Parness
San Francisco, CA

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" is awesome! From Customer Service to headset support I can always count on you guys."

Jeff Lim
H And R Block
Huntington Beach, CA

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"Love Love Love the Office Runner. Makes it so easy to work. I feel naked when I don't have it on!"

Stephanie Freeman
Tilman Richards
Corpus Christi, TX

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"Your Customer Service is phenomenal-Including the shipping and handling!! Thank you for being so personable!"

Rachael Arreguin
New Door Ventures
San Francisco, CA

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"Everyone is always helpful. Thank you."

Betty Porta
Roseville Orthopedic
Roseville, CA

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Honestly gets it right every time! Why? Because you listen to your Customers."

Anita Cutonilli
Xonex Incorporated
New Castle, DE

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I love my headset! It's fantastic!

Debi Seals
Stowers Manufacturing Co.
Gadsden, AL

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" Customer Service department has been excellent. On a scale of 1-10 your company scores an 11 with me."

Joy Grognet
Retail Construction
Lake Elmo, MN

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"I'll never buy a headset anywhere else"

Melissa Ward
Mlw Transportation
Ormond Beach, FL

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"Your company has always been awesome in helping us find the right products and for ordering them for us."

Michelle Ware
C.d. Schulte Agency
Garnett, KS

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"I have to say I have had the best customer service in a long time!! Fantastic representative I talked to today!..."

Nicole Graham
Insurance Advisors Inc
Grand Rapids, MN

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"Customer representative was a port in a storm water in a desert and a great Headset Specialist. A perfect 10!"

Nancy Brown
Bank Of America
Greenbrae, CA

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Excellent service every time! You guys rock!

Dove Johnson
Kenneth S. Nugent. P.C.
Atlanta, GA

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"You were exceptional. The man who helped me on the phone was very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful."

Kristin Conant
Newport Beach Marriott
Newport Beach, CA

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"I appreciate the great Customer Service! It's always a pleasure doing business with"

Maggie Barnes
Jackson, MS

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"All companies should have as much satisfaction level as you do. You are up there above Nordstrom's and the rest..."

Michael Mclaughlin
Duxbury, MA

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"I honestly don't think I have a single suggestion on how my experience could have improved. It was fantastic!"

Emily Hardy
Northwestern Mutual Finan
Saginaw, MI

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"I was treated like a queen. The Customer Service rep I had was great in helping me choose a wireless headset."

Teresa Alderson
Tabor Dental Associates Hendersonville, TN

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"I was treated like a queen. The Customer Service rep I had was great in helping me choose a wireless headset."

Penny Landry
York Hospital
York, ME

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"Your headsets and service are outstanding. I would rate your Customer Service as among the best I've ever had! It's extraordinary."

Robert Hartung
Performance Gains
Hoffman Estates, IL

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"Always prompt attentive nice & professional. Best company ever!"

Tammy Washburn
Rayhons Financial Solutions
Gilbert, AZ

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