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Leitner LH375 – Tri-Compatible Wireless Office Headset – Executive Bundle

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headset icon Will it work with my phone?

Yes! Your office phone works with the Leitner Wireless Headset
  • Includes a Leitner Handset Lifter AND the BusyBuddy
  • Easily connect to your office phone, computer, and cell phone – switch between them with the press of a button
  • Zip around the office taking calls from all of your different devices
  • Comes (of course) with a 5-year full-replacement warranty
  • Walk, talk, and move around your office for a full workday on a single charge
  • Be the productivity rock star in your office – merge your office phone, computer, or cell phone calls with UniBase® Conferencing Technology
  • Don't need to connect to your cell phone? You'll love the LH275, which offers all the same benefits, minus Bluetooth
  • Smart call detection will chime to let you know your cell is ringing. Switch modes to automatically answer the call!

More about the LH375

Thinking about a wireless headset but not sure which one to choose? The LH375 is the only Leitner Headset that covers both of your ears and connects to all of your devices!

The LH375 wireless headset allows you to seamlessly switch between your desk phone, computer, and cell phone at a moment's notice – all while wearing the same soft earpad and flexible headband.

As an added benefit, merge any 2 of the 3 modes together into one conference call with UniBase® Conferencing Technology...
  • Office phone merged with computer? Sure!
  • Computer with cell phone? Why not!
  • Office phone with cell phone? People may think you're a madman, but you can do that too!
The 5-year full-replacement warranty is a staple of Leitner headsets, and the LH375 maintains the high standard of longevity. In the unlikely event of an issue, we'll replace your LH375 anytime in the first 5 years of its life. (That includes the battery too!)

The Executive Bundle includes the Leitner Handset Lifter and the BusyBuddy. Answer and end calls up to 350 feet away from your phone and easily indicate to others when you're on a call.

Want all the same features from a headset in a single-ear wearing style? Check out the LH370.

Looking for the same features from an on-the-ear headset? Check out the LH380.
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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Leitner
Catalog Number: 2501
Type: Wireless
Max Range / Cord Length: Up to 350 feet
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Compatibility: Works with your existing single or multi-line corded phone, PC/Mac, and any Bluetooth device
Microphone: Ultra noise-canceling
Earpiece: Leatherette
Color: Black
Special Technologies: Tri-Compatibility (Office phone, computer, and Bluetooth enabled)
Warranty: 5-Year Full Replacement
Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
Replaceable Battery: Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible: Yes
Busy Light: Included
Digital Encryption: Yes
What's in the box?: LH375, Base Station, DCA, USB Cord, Phone Cable, Windscreen Protector, Leitner Lifter, BusyBuddy, Manual, Quick Start Guide
Handset Lifter Included?: Yes
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