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Headsets FAQ

There may be some headset-related things you may want to know either before you purchase a headset or after you receive one. Here is a list of commonly asked questions, as well as the answers!

Q: Callers say I'm too loud/quiet.

A: Most headsets have two volume controls – one for listening, and one for speaking. Here’s a quick video on how to adjust these with your Leitner headset.

Q: How do I set up my wireless headset?

A: Wireless headsets should take just a few minutes to set up. Here’s an excellent video on how to set up your Leitner wireless headset. If you have an electronic hookswitch or lifter, or looking for more on how to use your headset, check out other helpful videos here.

Q: Why don’t I have battery lights on my Leitner wireless headset?

A: Chances are, your Leitner headset just needs a quick reset. Here’s a video on how to resync your headset. Once reset, your battery lights should be shining bright.

Q: Will your headsets work with my phone?

A: We have a handy compatibility tool that will confirm if our headsets will work with your phone.

Q: How do I remotely answer from the headset?

A: In order to answer a phone call from your headset, you will need an electronic hookswitch or handset lifter. You can find installation videos for different electronic hookswitches as well as handset lifters here.

Q: I can’t hear people in my headset.

A: If you can hear them, but just not loud enough, check out this article with a few steps that should get you up and running. If you can't hear anything at all, take a look at this article, which should hopefully make it so you can once again hear your callers.

Q: How do I fix an echo in my headset?

A: If you're hearing an echo on your end, it likely means either your microphone volume or listening volume is too loud. Here's a short video on how to adjust your volumes. If your caller is hearing an echo, it likely means your compatibility switch needs to be adjusted. Here’s another helpful video on how to adjust those.